Sandy Fairfax Teen Idol series

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The Psychedelic Spy Series

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“Faster Than a Speeding Bullet” 

Plan B: Omnibus
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“Dark Nights at the Deluxe

Last Exit to Murder
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 “The Puzzling Puppet Show Caper”
Cozy Cat Shorts
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Chapter 3

Chasing the Codex
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Welcome! Thanks for dropping by. I write mysteries set in the recent past when detectives solved crimes by their brains and perseverance and without the aid of cell phones or the internet. My stories contain no graphic sex, violence or language. Please stop by periodically to see the new books added to the page!

The Sandy Fairfax series has a former 1970s’ teen idol turned amateur sleuth. The heartthrob of the hit TV series “Buddy Brave, Boy Sleuth” is now a divorcee and recovering alcoholic. He finds that making a comeback can be murder! On each gig he stumbles across a body, and discovers a new girlfriend along the way.

The Cold War goes cozy in the Psychedelic Spy series set in 1967. Hippies, rock music, the space race, secret agents, cats and small town living in southern Indiana all add up to murder. More will be revealed with the publication of the first book in 2018.

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