Noelle Joy McNabb is the protagonist of The Psychedelic Spy cozy series set in 1967. Her name comes from her date of birth, December 25, 1942.

She lives in the small rural town of Yuletide in the southwest corner of Indiana. She graduated from Yuletide High School (school colors are red and green; mascot is The Elves) in 1960 and received a bachelor’s degree in theater from Indiana State University in 1964. She’s been out of college for three years.

Noelle’s dream is to be a big star in Hollywood, but for now she’s stuck in Yuletide, performing in the Candy Cane Capers musical show at the town’s big tourist attraction, the Country Christmas Family Fun Park. She also works part time at the Groovy Vinyl Record Store, where she keeps up-to-date with the latest fab music.

Her family lives on Reindeer Road in Yuletide. Dad is a supervisor at the local electronics plant and is active in his men’s lodge. Mom is a full-time homemaker and is busy with the Peppermint Angels women’s service and philanthropic club. Twins Dolly and Donny are eight years old. The family attends Bethlehem Community Church.

Noelle lives in a cottage off a country road along with her black cat, Ceebee (short for cat burglar). She gets around in a 1965 light blue Volkswagen Beetle. She loves shopping for the latest fashions at the big mall in Riverbend, the metropolis on the Ohio River just a few miles from her hometown.

Noelle’s routine is shattered when she unwittingly becomes involved with a shadowy spy agency operating under the radar, SIAMESE (Special Intelligence Apparatus for Midwest Enemy Surveillance and Espionage). Instead of acting in movie fantasies, she’s living out real-life drama as she thwarts the enemies of democracy and tracks down killers along with her groovy spy partner, Destiny King.

Through her spy work, Noelle discovers she has an aunt whom she’s never known about. The missing kin is the mother of Dash Hanover,  senior control operative for SIAMESE. Noelle’s determined to track down her aunt, but in the process she may reveal some dark family secrets.