The Getty Museum, fine art and genre writing — 4 Comments

  1. Having grown up in New York City, I had many excellent museums to visit as often as I wanted to. I’ve also delighted in visiting museums in England and in S. Korea. But when I visited my son in Los Angeles not long ago he treated me to the Getty, and I was thrilled by everything I had time to see in one day. My favorite, most memorable part was the guided tour I took (there are several to choose from) that called attention to certain patterns that Richard Meier, the architect, had worked into the exterior of the buildings, the gardens, the paths, and most everything possible. This is the loveliest, most inspiring museum I have ever visited, and there’s more to see on my next visit!

    • I’ve also had the pleasure of visiting the Art Institute in Chicago (not sure of the exact name). Wow! That’s a great one too. The best part was display of miniature rooms in various period styles.