The Rise And Demise Of TV Theme Songs — 4 Comments

  1. Sally,
    You are so right about there being no music in today’s TV shows. Everything is too rapid-fire and frankly, I don’t think there is anyone left in Hollywood who could write a theme song. They sure don’t have people to write a plot. But you made me remember some of my favorites. I’ll be humming them all night.

    • You’re so right, Gayle. The older shows had class and style. Why is it colleges has classes on scripwriting but TV shows (and movies) are badly written? As for theme songs sticking in your head, “The Wild Wild West” and “Barbary Coast” themes are two that are permanently drilled into my brain.

  2. Thanks for the ear opener. I was an early TV junkie too. In my first novel, Covering the Sun with My Hand, pop culture TV was interspersed throughout. I’m in the middle of line edits with my mystery, Nights of Indigo Blue, I haven’t heard the jingle yet. Will be listening for it…

    • Hi Theresa, the older TV shows had well-crafted theme songs. It’s a lost art form. Even movies are moving away from long opening credits.