A forgotten movie gem: ‘The Comic’ — 6 Comments

  1. No, I haven’t seen that one. My postman was telling me today, that he got Netflix and hasn’t done a lick of work since! that’s the danger of old movies.

    • In the days when I have 100 plus cable channels I didn’t do much except tape shows off TV. Can’t beat the classics!

  2. Thanks for the tip, SAlly. I’m a huge fan of Dick Van Dyke. He was wonderful in Bye Bye Birdie and also in What a Way to Go. I plan to rent The Comic soon!

    • “The Comic” is a nice change of pace for Dick Van Dyke. He’s great in the comedy bits but he’s also good in the more dramatic scenes. Sometimes comedians are good playing tragedy because they’re so in touch with their emotions.

    • Hope you can find it, Lesley. I’m not sure if it’s out on DVD. The VHS copies are expensive!