20 Minutes Into the Future: Max Headroom and Today’s Technology — 4 Comments

  1. So sorry to say you are spot on with all the people glued to their cell phones, Ipods,etc. I do truly fear for the next generation. How does the old saying go, everything old is new again? Maybe Max Headroom was a prophet about th world of today. Very enlightening blog. Good job.

  2. Modern technology has saved my life more than once, but for the most part I don’t care for modern gadgets, and I don’t know how most of them work. I don’t think we’re any happier than we were before cell phones and the rest. I miss the twentieth century, and all my fiction takes place back then. Fine post, Sally

  3. I think as the consumers of technology, we need to take control of the technology that invades our lives. No, we can’t control everything, but we do need to learn how to push that little “off” button on our TVs and read a book.

  4. Sally what a fun and enlightened post. I agree tech has come a long way to the point of control, but thank goodness there are some teachers/professors who demand all tech be turned completely off when in their classrooms (those annoying little buggers). It’s great to have an off button that we can control in life. augie