1. I used to enjoy just hanging out in Barnes & Noble until the past 2 or 3 years. It’s only 5 minutes away so travel time is not an issue. I didn’t realize why it might not be such a pleasant experience any more until your post. New releases are still prominently displayed, but now behind the enormous Nook display and the racks of Nook accessories. I am accosted by both a security guard and a Nook ‘expert’ before the front door has closed behind me. There are more and more sale tables, racks, and bins. There is a very large section of games and puzzles and TV/movie-related items (not the children’s section). I used to use their read-in-store service to take a peek at a book on my Nook. Not even sure if they offer that anymore but there are not enough chairs anyway. The cafe area has not expanded but the coffee mugs and other items for purchase have taken over part of the magazine section. So it doesn’t really feel much like a bookstore any more but kind of like an expensive Wal-Mart. And specific books are not easy to find. In the mystery section one author’s books may be in the regular mystery section, the New Releases section and the Just Released in Paperback section – but all of them will not be in any one place. I get free shipping with my BN membership, but generally that big online store everyone hates usually has better prices for print and ebooks.

  2. Hey Sally, I enjoy reading your blogs. It’s sad that bookstores have closed. I really miss perusing the shelves and shelves of books and smelling the freshness of words. I still walk the aisles of my college and public Library, but I do shop online.